The Wentworth Club

Situated in the heart of the City of London in Mayfair, the Wentworth Club can be found at 18A Clifford Street, W1S 3RF. A three-storey building, the premises are wholly given over to the club’s affairs. Beyond the imposing black wooden door are a range of rooms in which the members can find solace from the hectic hustle and bustle of London life.

Like most London clubs, the Wentworth appoints membership by application. The individual must present their credentials and have a letter of recommendation from another club member. Whilst the application process is not as harsh or demanding as some clubs, the club’s board of trustees takes pride in only offering membership to those it feels who are “good eggs.” Exactly what this means in reality is anyone’s guess and Gregory Bluffstone isn’t letting on. Although a good background and an interest in the esoteric and occult is usually enough to persuade the board of an individual’s merit, that and a relatively healthy bank balance.

Unusually for what is considered a “gentleman’s club,” the Wentworth accepts membership from both men and women, having recently voted to allow women “of good standing” to join. Ladies are only permitted access to the ground floor and the library on the first floor. At certain times of the year, ladies are permitted to join their male colleagues in the dinning room for one of the many annual grand dinners. In addition, the ladies room on the ground floor is only available to female members – men are completely barred from entering.

The club is open to members between the hours of 6am and 12 midnight, although later or earlier access may be granted if an application is made a day in advance. Trusted serving staff led by Joseph Sykes reside on site at all times and have been known to provide assistance at odd hours of the night to members who, for one reason or another, come to find themselves in difficulty.

The decor is rich and luxurious, with high leather backed armchairs, purple flocked wallpaper, chandeliers and plush Persian rugs providing a genteel, if somewhat faded atmosphere.

Generally, club members share an interest in folklore, mythology, history and the occult. Most members are happy to indulge in their interests with a book and a good glass of port by their side, relaxed and waited upon by the serving staff. A few, however, prefer more active engagement in their studies and use the club as a base for planning their excavations and explorations, whether they are journeying to Cumbria to take part in an archeological dig or heading off into mysterious and exotic foreign jungles.

The Wentworth Club

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