Theodore Rayburn-Price

Amateur Historian and Collector of Antiques.


A long standing member of the Wentworth Club after twenty years he’s well known and well liked.

Theodore was introduced to the group at the memorial dinner for his friend of ten years Lord Howard Brightman (Deceased). Having chatted with the investigators over dinner he later came and found them asking them if they could help him out. Based on their conversation over dinner Theodore introduced them to Neve Selcibuc and, after Neve told them her story, asked them to look into the murder of Archie Glossop, the possible thefts from the British Museum and to find out who has been following Neve. In the meantime Theodore has driven Neve out of London to a safe location promising Walter that if the police need to interview Neve that Walter should contact him via a mailbox which will be regularly monitored.


Theodore Rayburn-Price

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