Howard Wright


Although a tall, well built man Howard has a tendency to hunch his shoulders which makes him seem smaller than he is. While always well dressed this also gives him the appearance of someone whose clothes don’t fit him particularly well. He has a pale demeanour and very little presence, often sliding into the background.


William Wright, Howard’s father, was involved in the iron industry before the war. The war effort made William a rich and powerful man and in 1919 he bought his peerage.
Originally from the north the family moved to Tonbridge in Kent due to the ill health of Howard’s mother Angela. After seven miscarriages Angela’s health is tenuous and when Andrew, her eldest son, died of TB in 1913 Angela lost some of her sanity as well. Driven to stay in contact with Andrew she threw herself into Spiritualism in an obsessive way and spent most of the family fortune on mediums that Howard believes may have been charlatans. William tried to regain his fortune through gambling and has run up substantial debts leaving the family finances in ruins.
William returned from the first Boer war a changed man from the one who had married Angela. Abusive and violent he pushed both Howard and his elder brother Andrew William, moulding them into what he felt a man should be. Howard has accepted his father’s chivalrous world view and in 1917 lied about his age, he was only fourteen, to join the Queen’s Own Royal West Kent regiment shipping out to France for the final year of the war. Already a confused and struggling teenager, the war left him broken and mentally frail.
After the war Howard returned to his studies and finding solace in academia managed to obtain a Masters degree from Durham University in only two years.
Howard adores his mother and from a young age tried to protect her from his father (he still bears a burn scar to his right shoulder when he was pushed into a fireplace on news of his brother’s death). He has picked up some of her Spiritualist beliefs although still paying lip service to Catholicism, he is not really a firm “true believer” in either.
Howard currently lives in a poor set of rooms in Belgravia, trying to make ends meet while keeping up appearances on a frugal budget.

Howard Wright

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