Cyril Ripley

Antiques Dealer With Shady Contacts


Cyril is 38 years old and has a regimental tatoo on his shoulder.


Ripley doesn’t like his first name and only his Mum, wife and sister use it. His uncle and Grandad call him Ripley in army fashion and his Dad calls him Bert or little Bert because he looks like his uncle Albert.

Cyril Albert Ripley was born and grew up in Stepney. His Mum (Sarah) and Dad (Bernard) live there still. Ripley has been lifelong friends with Walter Anvil, the two being introduced by Ripley’s Grandad, Gerorge Ripley. Ripley is married to Poppy, his childhood sweetheart.

In 1914, when the war called, Ripley and Walter joined up and joined the British Expeditionary Force, serving with the City of London regiment of the Royal Fusileers at the Battle of Mons where Walter was badly wounded. Two days after this Ripley witnessed the Angel of Mons. Ripley remained with the regiment for the entire war but stayed in touch with Walter. Ripley was at the Battle of The Somme and it was here where Ripley’s older brother died and also where Ripley rose to the rank of sergeant.

After the war Ripley opened an antiques shop in Bloomsbury which privately stocks some more esoteric wares alongside its more common items. In particular banned books, especially of an occult nature are occasionally sourced from a few black market contacts that Ripley has. While he rarely deals in items that he knows are stolen Ripley is fastidious in not enquiring closely about the providence of items that come from some sources.

The shop (which he lives above) also has a cellar which can be hired out by spiritualists who want somewhere private to meet.

Ripley always carries a pocket bible which was given to his uncle by his grandfather before being handed down to him (both of whom served with the City of London regiment of the Royal Fusileers). He carries this almost as a talisman and it is tremendously important to him.

Cyril Ripley

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