The Curse Of Nineveh

Breakfast At The Club (morning of 10th July 1925)

Planning the first steps

The vague and disturbing dreams of the investigators left some of the group waking feeling poorly rested and trying to both forget and recall the barely remembered phantasms of the night. The shared sentry duty of Walter and Ripley was undisturbed and the next morning they met up with Hilary and Howard for breakfast. Iain had a meeting with his publisher that morning and would try to join them later.

While discussing the events of the night before they were approached by another club member, Islwyn Munden who was excited about research he was doing in the club library on the remains of a statuette that a friend of his was interested in buying. After breakfast he showed the group some sketches of it, describing it as being made of lead covered in gold leaf, its main feature was a magic circle or pentagram of some kind carved into its base. Originally figures stood around the back of it however these had been broken off leaving only the legs of the group and the unusual pentagram around which they would have clustered.

Hilary recognised the magic circle as being of a type associated with European witch-cults (in particular one associated with Essen in the mid-eighteenth century) however the details of the circle, the materials it is made from (such things should normally be silver) and the location in which it was found made him almost certain it was a fake and he gently warned Islwyn to be wary in his research.

Once Islwyn returned to his researches the group concluded their planning. Hilary and Howard would head to the house of the late Lord Brightman (68 Regent’s Park Road). Ripley and Walter meanwhile would visit Sweet Relics (Copenhagen Street) to track down Mr Albright and visit the British Museum. As they were leaving the club Iain returned, his meeting being shorted than he foresaw, catching them just in time.



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